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How I can help you

I offer a number of tailored services:

Are you wasting money on Design & Print

Half day workshop – this half day will pay for itself over and over again. The secrets of how to buy effective design that delivers real and measurable benefits. This talk also combines advice on good print management and how to get the best from your budget.

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Learn to Network in an effective way and see the results immediately

Half day workshop – this session will give you a whole new insight into effective networking and will cover the following;

  • Why do it? Understand the power of networking.
  • Where are the best places to meet people? You already network, now grow that circle of influence.
  • The essential tools of networking. 
  • Preparation for the event. How to maximise your opportunities.
  • Making the most of the event.
  • How to behave at the event.  Lean how to interact with the right people in a diplomatic way.
  • The follow up. If you have attended a networking event, without this part it is a waste of time.

I will take you or your team through the process stage by stage so you have a full understanding of the benefits of networking and how to do it effectively in a professional way.

I will help you prepare a suitable introduction so that they can introduce yourself with impact. I will provide notes and be available on a personal basis to support anyone who needs further information.

I would expect that those who have gone through this training should be able to identify quality contacts who have the potential to generate new revenue streams.

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Free tips and hints

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New business meeting – what is on the agenda?


New business meeting – what is on the agenda? This on the surface of it seems to be a bit of a rhetorical question – I want new business. But the question is a bit more pointed in the sense of the strategy you employ to achieve this goal. We often overlook the fact that […]

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Alec Drew the Straight Talker

The Straight Talker - Alec Drew

I bring 25+ years experience of running a communications company which delivered powerful strategies to all types of businesses and organisations.

I developed a methodology that works across all levels of communication from branding to corporate literature, from tendering to ecommerce.

I now use this experience and methodology to help you identify the barriers to greater sales and show you how they can be rectified, many at little or no cost.


The Straight-Talker

Helping you communicate more effectively

The Straight-Talker is Alec Drew. You can contact him using the following:

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